Day 16 – Wednesday

This morning I went to yoga at my local gym. I planned to do some deadlifts after class but the class consisted of long slow stretches and I thought being so bendy after yoga might not be a good thing when doing deadlifts so I gave it a miss.

Later in the afternoon, I went back to the gym and did some clean and presses (20kg), some light deadlifts (70kg) because my right hamstring was a bit sore, some shoulder presses (20kg), some rows (30kg) and some bench presses (30kg).

This is what I ate today:

  • Banana smoothie with protein powder and yoghurt.
  • Two coffees with full fat milk.
  • Ham and cheese sandwich.
  • Chicken cacciatore and rice.

Day 15 – Tuesday

Typical working from home day with added tiredness and general malaise.

I went to my regular midday Tuesday yoga. I planned to go to gymnastics in the evening but I convinced myself that I was too grumpy and tired.

For breakfast, because the cupboard was bare, I had a coffee with soy milk and a piece of quinoa bread toasted. Before yoga, I ate a bunch of nuts and seeds. For a late lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich. A friend came over around dinner time and we ate corn chips and salsa instead of a proper dinner.

Day 14 – Monday

Today was mostly about the bike ride.

I worked from home in the morning and then headed off for a 70km bike ride shortly before midday. I predicted I would be out for just over four hours and I was pretty much correct. It was super windy and that slowed me down a bit.

In the evening, I went to my first Monday evening yoga class. It’s a ninety minute class for my yoga teacher’s regular students so I was a bit nervous, but it was fine. I really enjoyed it. I’m hoping this extra class will help me with my wheel pose.

I had French toast with banana for breakfast and a coffee. While I was out cycling, I ate a banana, a couple of chocolates and a muesli bar. When I got in, I ate a bunch of cheese, some Italian sausage of some sort and some crackers. Before yoga, because I was feeling a bit flakey, I ate some chocolate (one can’t eat anything too bulky before yoga). After yoga, I had left-over pea and ham soup.

I went to sleep early and fairly exhausted.

Day 11 – Friday

Here again, I am reminded that I should write my journal in a timely fashion.

I went to the gym in the afternoon to do deadlifts. I warmed up with 20kg clean and presses and then did several sets of deadlifts gradually increasing the weight until I reached 80kg. That felt heavy. It would be nice to work my way up to 100kg deadlifts again, but I imagine that it will take a while.

I can’t remember what I ate during the day, but for dinner I had a lovely kangaroo bolognaise.

Day 10 – Thursday

A fairly ordinary day.

I went to my midday yoga class. That was fun. I did some yoga practice at home, especially focussing on core stuff because I reckon that’s what I need to do to be able to do handstands.

In the evening, since it was fine, I went for a run. I did the same 7.2km route I did last time. I was a little bit faster and my average heart rate was a little bit higher, but I still aimed to keep it within the 170-180 bpm range for the whole run. Turns out my heart rate drops below 170 when I am running down hill – so there’s not much I can do about that.

For breakfast we had porridge with apple and banana and a coffee. For lunch, I had olive bread with some Persian feta. For afternoon tea, I had an amazing almond croissant from our local bakery with a cup of tea. For dinner, I had leftover minestrone. I don’t think I ate any M&Ms from the never ending jar today.

Day 9 – Wednesday

Sometimes one just needs to take advantage of the weather (and flexible working hours).

Last night when I realised that it wasn’t going to rain until the afternoon today, I planned to head out for a 60km bike ride. And that’s what I did – my longest solo bike ride. It took me 3 hours 40 minutes including breaks, or 3 hours 26 minutes of moving time. I hindsight, I probably should have taken more to eat than just a banana, but I felt pretty good. Despite being really slow on some of the hills, the distance doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

Before I headed off, I had a banana, yoghurt, protein smoothy and a coffee. I ate a banana at the 40km mark. When I got home I had protein shake with yoghurt and a bunch of M&Ms before heading out for a lunch of dumplings with a friend. In the afternoon while I worked I ate even more M&Ms with a cup of tea. For dinner I made chicken pyjamarama with free-range ham. And while I cooked I ate some Persian feta on olive bread. My belly ended up pretty full after all that.