Day 8 – Tuesday

Here I am anticipating delayed onset muscle soreness from our 80km bike ride on Sunday and I get nothing. I am slightly disappointed.

I went to yoga at midday and as a bonus did a bit of work on my handstands, which aren’t really going anywhere yet.

In the evening I went to my adults gymnastics class in which I worked on the silks for most of the session – I am getting better at climbing and I learned a new trick (or rather prep for a trick) which involved tying a knot around one foot with the other foot. I also did some cartwheel practice but I am still hopeless.

For breakfast, I had a banana, yoghurt and whey smoothy, and a coffee.  For lunch, I had lemongrass chicken and vegies from the campus centre at uni. I had an apple for afternoon tea. For dinner, my daughter made us a delicious minestrone. I had a handful of M&Ms from the never ending jar and a cup of tea when I got in from gymnastics.

Day 7 – Monday

Working from home again today, so some flexibility with training and eating.

Around midday I cycled to my local gym – it’s only 2.5 kms each way, and still my butt hurt from the big ride yesterday. At the gym, I did some rows, bench presses and lat pull-downs. I’m still only using 30kg for both rows and bench – I my record is 42.5kg, and I benched 40kg routinely for months. I should put the weight up a bit next time. I do the lat pull-downs to help with my pull-ups (or lack thereof).

This evening I went for a 7.2km run/walk. It took 48 minutes. I pretty much ran while I was comfortable and whenever my heart rate got to 178-180, I walked for a while to slow it down to around 170 and then ran again. The aim is to be able to maintain a steady run for this distance like I could do before I got sick last year.

I ate a banana, yoghurt smoothie and a coffee for breakfast, a roast lamb on sourdough sandwich for lunch and a couple of kangaroo sausages on sourdough for dinner because I couldn’t be bothered cooking. I had just one handful from the never ending jar of M&Ms today.

Day 6 – Sunday

A fabulously exhausting day.

An 80km bike ride on the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.

We had egg, cheese and free-range ham toasties and coffee for breakfast, quiches for a late lunch and a bunch of nuts, chocolate and other snacks on the trail, and a dinner of roast lamb shoulder, mashed sweet potato and a bunch of other nibbles including delicious Persian feta as I cooked.

Day 5 – Saturday

Today I went for a drive out to Brisbane Ranges for a hike with my boyfriend. It was my first time there and I loved it. The hike was only 9km and a fairly gentle ascent and descent so wasn’t too taxing at all and we took a couple of hours. The drive home was lovely.

We had scrambled eggs, free range ham and toast for breakfast, coffee, various Greek things from a deli in Weribee for lunch and loads of cheese, bread and crackers for dinner with a friend who dropped by unexpectedly.

Day 4 – Friday

This is a lesson in the importance of writing things down on the day and not leaving it for a few days. One forgets things.

I went for a 27.3km bike ride – it took 1 hour and 41 minutes. It was cold. I thought it would warm up but it didn’t so my legs were pretty uncomfortable for a lot of the time. Also, I was slow because I haven’t been on many bike rides lately.

I had a banana smoothie for breakfast. Moroccan street food for lunch with a friend. A piece of delicious homemade ginger cake for afternoon tea. And tofu and vegetable stir fry for dinner. Probably also a few handfuls of M&Ms.

Day 3 – Thursday

A fairly uninspiring day fitness-wise.

Ate porridge with banana and yoghurt for breakfast, had two coffees, an egg, cheese and bacon wrap for a late lunch, leftover risotto for dinner and a few handfuls of M&Ms.

Went to my regular midday yoga and was lucky enough to receive a few more handstand tips.

Tried a short walk in the evening to wear in my Doc Martens but only managed 2.2km before ripping my newly forms blisters. Ouch.

Day 2 – Wednesday

I *was* going to go for a nice long bike ride today, but my legs are sore. 

I had a banana and yoghurt smoothie for breakfast.

And then I went to my local gym to try out the yoga class that was on offer. The instructor, Beverlee, was pretty good and the class was fun. There were a few new-for-me things including a different salute to what I am used to and a really cool move that Beverlee called The Wild Thing. And later I impressed her with my crane – but it’s not that impressive really.  After yoga I did some rows and some bench presses in the gym.

I had a coffee (always with full fat milk). And later a ham sandwich for lunch. And later a couple of handfuls of M&Ms from the never-ending jar. And for dinner, a chicken and pumpkin risotto that I made. And a couple of handfuls of M&Ms.