Day 10 – Thursday

A fairly ordinary day.

I went to my midday yoga class. That was fun. I did some yoga practice at home, especially focussing on core stuff because I reckon that’s what I need to do to be able to do handstands.

In the evening, since it was fine, I went for a run. I did the same 7.2km route I did last time. I was a little bit faster and my average heart rate was a little bit higher, but I still aimed to keep it within the 170-180 bpm range for the whole run. Turns out my heart rate drops below 170 when I am running down hill – so there’s not much I can do about that.

For breakfast we had porridge with apple and banana and a coffee. For lunch, I had olive bread with some Persian feta. For afternoon tea, I had an amazing almond croissant from our local bakery with a cup of tea. For dinner, I had leftover minestrone. I don’t think I ate any M&Ms from the never ending jar today.

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