Day 8 – Tuesday

Here I am anticipating delayed onset muscle soreness from our 80km bike ride on Sunday and I get nothing. I am slightly disappointed.

I went to yoga at midday and as a bonus did a bit of work on my handstands, which aren’t really going anywhere yet.

In the evening I went to my adults gymnastics class in which I worked on the silks for most of the session – I am getting better at climbing and I learned a new trick (or rather prep for a trick) which involved tying a knot around one foot with the other foot. I also did some cartwheel practice but I am still hopeless.

For breakfast, I had a banana, yoghurt and whey smoothy, and a coffee.  For lunch, I had lemongrass chicken and vegies from the campus centre at uni. I had an apple for afternoon tea. For dinner, my daughter made us a delicious minestrone. I had a handful of M&Ms from the never ending jar and a cup of tea when I got in from gymnastics.

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