Day 0

I have decided to record my adventures in health and fitness. I imagine that the details are not going to be incredibly exciting so I intend to find a way to not swamp my blog with these journal entries. The journalling process will be useful for me and might even end up being useful for others, who knows.

I’ve tried all manner of approaches to monitoring my training and diet and I’ve had varying success. This, I suppose, is going to be the most public and most freestyle of all of them.

It’s pretty much the beginning of winter in Melbourne and I plan to increase my fitness, rather than decrease it, over the cold, dark days to come. The plan is to do something different everyday and with my current interests in hiking, yoga, lifting weights, cycling and gymnastics, that shouldn’t be too hard. Throw in my old habits of swimming, running, boxing and taking long evening walks, I should be fine.

Aside from a long-term commitment to maintaining my health and fitness, I have a couple of big-ish short-term goals. The first is to complete my third Tough Mudder in October – that should be pretty easy. And the second is to be able to do a handstand by my 40th birthday, which is in seven months – that should be a bit harder. I have countless other little goals including being able to do the wheel pose, being able to run (at least) 5km straight again, learning some awesome tricks on the silks, becoming a faster cyclist and being able to keep up with the best of them at both biking and hiking.

Here’s the bit that is my first journal entry. The rest are going to look roughly the same.

Today I didn’t eat particularly well. In fact, since I was at home marking, a task often associated with eating poorly, I ate fruit toast for breakfast, a ham and salad sandwich for lunch, apple pie and ice-cream for afternoon tea and a few handfuls of M&Ms throughout the day. Definitely not my usual diet.

Tonight, for the first time in ages, I went for a “run”. My Garmin watch messed up a bit. I walked/jogged about 5km in 40 minutes. My heart rate got up to the 178-182 range on a few occasions – I typically have to stop running when it gets to about 180. I shall work on getting Strava details embedded in my posts.

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